Door-to-Door Shipments

Door-to-door shipments are those in which a courier picks up the article to be sent from the client’s home and delivers it directly to the final recipient at their home, wherever that may be.

The Easiest Shipment for You

This is the most common type of shipment because it ensures the security of the package at all times. This type of shipment is highly reliable and comfortable, as the sender doesn’t have to leave home and the recipient knows that the object they are expecting will arrive without complications. Here at Procoex Transitarios, we are experts in door-to-door shipments, so we can guarantee your package will be delivered anywhere in the world. This type of shipment is available anywhere in Spain or the world.

If you choose this option, you can call us to pick up your object whenever you want. We will come to your home and immediately take care of the subsequent process, including the best packaging for what you’re sending, and of any procedures required for transport, whether within the same town, to a neighbouring city or a far-away country. Our company, given our experience and professionalism, is the best option.